The Daughters Giannulli Are Rattled By Their Parents' Upcoming Prison Terms

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As enjoyable as the schadenfreude we’ve been able to wring from the college admissions scandal has been, I am starting to feel a faint twang of sympathy for Aunt Becky’s children, Olivia Jade and the Other Daughter, Bella. As their parents await their much-anticipated prison time, the two are reportedly “rattled.” Seems like a reasonable reaction to watching your two boneheaded parents undergo years of public scrutiny and humiliation, ostensibly on your behalf. As a source told Us,

“Olivia and Bella have been rattled by the proceedings,” the source says. “They have been focusing more on family and not seeing friends as much. Both girls have been spending more time at home with their parents as of late.”


Both Lori Loughlin and and Mossimo Giannulli were sentenced last month after they were indicted in March 2019, with Loughlin set to serve two months to Giannulli’s five. They were also sentenced to two years of supervised release, ordered to complete community service, and required to pay a fine.

Regardless of how complicit the Giannulli children were in their parents’ malfeasance, the fact is that the whole ordeal has to be traumatizing. Therapy for everyone! [Us Weekly]

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Lauren, you missed one critical fact here. He is Mossimo Giannulli (of the Target Mossimos).