The Daily Show's Take on Sexual Assault Is Devastatingly Good

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How good is it? It's got everything a lady could want: Jessica Williams in top form. Jon Stewart growing agitated over gender-related injustice. A subtle shoutout to "Not All Men!" The Daily Show's take on sexual assault is so good I feel like I need to lie down for awhile after watching it.


Jon Stewart opens the segment by drawing attention to the case at James Madison University, where three frat bros taped themselves sexually assaulting a visibly incapacitated classmate while on spring break. The tape was forwarded to other bros, who forwarded it on, etc, etc, etc. The girl didn't discover until it had already spread like wildfire what had happened to her. The boys' punishment? Expulsion upon graduation. Or, as Stewart points out.... "graduation."

The problem just isn't occurring at James Madison; dozens and dozens of colleges and universities are currently being investigated by the Department of Education over their mishandling of sexual assault (the clip used in the segment refers to 55 schools under investigation, but the number is now actually 63).

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We then go to correspondents Jessica Williams and Jordan Klepper, who have great advice for having fun in college. Klepper's tips for bros involve having the maximum possible amount of fun, and Williams's tips for girls involve avoiding rape. Here's the best bit of their increasingly divergent exchange.

KLEPPER: You're telling me that women just spend their whole day just navigating an obstacle course of sexual menace?
WILLIAMS: Pretty much.
KLEPPER: Seriously?
WILLIAMS: Seriously.
KLEPPER: Ha! Sorry. But not all men are bad! Some are still gentlemen, thank you very much.
WILLIAMS: Thanks. I'll keep that in mind the next time a guy says he wants to lick my back when I'm walking to work at eight in the fucking morning.


So good. Going to lie down. Hold my calls.



I'm kind of loving Jordan Klepper as their new clueless privilege guy. Jason Jones revels in the irony of his privilege, but this guy really does well with the "Wait, my experiences aren't everyone's experiences?" thing.