The Daily Show Takes On The Ironies Of The Burqa Ban

Kristen Schaal thinks it's neat that French President Nicolas Sarkozy wants to empower Muslim women by taking away their choice of wearing a burqa — so much so, she'd like someone to take away her high heels and bulimia.

Of course, Schaal, a Daily Show correspondent, relied heavily on sarcasm and, in the full clip, mayonnaise. Unfortunately, although Schaal and Jon Stewart tackled the irony inherent in a man determining and legislating what forms of dress empower women, they didn't get into the larger issues surrounding the ban, including whether or not outlawing burqas will force Muslim women who wear them — either by choice or coercion — out of the public sphere and behind closed doors... rather than just behind a veil.

The Burqa Ban [Daily Show]

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I wonder if this would raise as many issues if Sarkozy's attempt to ban the burqa was framed this way:

"We find that the burqa has been used as a tool by men to control the appearance and expression of women. So to free women from the oppression of the men who mandate that they wear it, we will take the power TO mandate it away from the men and ban it."