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The Daily Show: Palin Is "Able To Make The Choice She Doesn't Really Want Other People To Have"

The thing that's been bugging me about this whole Bristol Palin pregnancy issue is that I think that the Republicans are right: It's a private matter and the pundits and the politicians should stay out of it. In fact, the pundits and the politicians should stay out of all issues concerning any woman's uterus. Too bad the Republicans are unable, or unwilling, to see the irony in this. Last night on The Daily Show, Samantha Bee knocked it out of the park when she did a segment interviewing conventioneers about Sarah Palin. (One woman likes her because "she makes Americans feel like anyone can be president.") The best, though, was when Bee asked around about Bristol's pregnancy, and the Palins' choice they had to make. Clip above.


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The fam and I HOWLED at this segment last night. Oh, the sublime beauty of Ms. Bee holding up a shiny mirror to their flaming hypocrisy. I nearly soiled myself.

What about that Huckabee interview? Gah, I liked the dude! He was funny and self-effacing. He also owned the fact that the convention was nothing but hyped-up BS to "energize the base." He said something like, "Well,Jon, you know, the convention is to get the base excited." Like, he KNOWS none of that crap will play IRL.

Agreed, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were beautiful last night.