The Daily Show: McCain Hitches A Ride On The "Circle Talk Express"

A lot of people complain that all media outlets do is blather on about Palin's Tina Fey glasses and her dreamy first dude instead of talking about the issues. Well you know, it would be a lot easier for everyone to discuss the issues if the candidates did too! The Daily Show compiled McCain, Obama, Biden and Palin talking about our dire financial situation, and all of them said…absolutely nothing concrete about how to fix it. Except for McCain, who claimed that our financial system didn't need fixing and then a few hours backtracked and muttered something about how when he said "financial system" he meant "American workers." Straight talk, indeed! Our beloved Jon Stewart calls this a "Generic Off," and man, is it empty! Clip above.


Erin Gloria Ryan

Lawyers and military personnel dominating the senate/house/executive branch seems so ridiculous to me. They're making laws about health care; do any of them know what the fuck they're talking about? No.

They're trying to propose solutions to a financial system that they do not understand and have not spent their professional lives working within.

It's like having a doctor do your taxes, or a car repairman perform your appendectomy.