The Daily Show Calls Out Republicans' Sudden Interest In Sexism

Have you noticed that ever since Sarah Palin was added to the Republican ticket, the GOP has been countering attacks on Palin's inexperience with a lot of "that's so sexist"? Remember just a few months ago when the GOP scoffed at the idea that Hillary was facing any sexism at all? Last night The Daily Show had an awesome segment where they showcased a Republican tendency for flip-flopping when they aired footage of right-leaning pundits like Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly defending Palin, and then scrounged up footage from the past year where they use those same arguments to attack the likes of Hillary Clinton and Jamie Lynn Spears. Clip above.


I also liked this one from today's popbitch:

Sarah Palin Joke of the week: Fox News: "She does know

about international relations because she is up there

in Alaska right next door to Russia."

Jon Stewart: "Alaska is also next to the North Pole so,obviously, she must also be friends with Santa."