'The Daily': Just Like 'Us'!

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When you show up at the Bryant Park tents, you get a free issue of The Daily Front Row — a fun, splashy, oversized magazine that's super-insidery, like Fashion Week's school newspaper. Imagine our surprise when we opened it up and found a version of our Signature Psychoses handwriting analysis! We're not the first ones to try and find meaning in celebrity scribbles, and we won't be the last, but damn, biters! We noticed that UsMagazine.com analyzed Jessica Alba's handwriting the same day we did, but we were too polite to call them out. But the Daily included magazine editors — totally our beat! After the jump, the offending page.

Illustration for article titled The Daily: Just Like Us!

UPDATE: Editor-in-chief Brandusa Niro e-mailed to tell us that they've doing handwriting analysis "since Jezebel was just a character in a movie." Or at least since 2003. So we take back calling them "biters." But, you know, we only received The Daily Front Row by going to fashion shows and this is our first fashion week, so what do we know?

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thanks, front row. i was trying to avoid seeing graydon carter's handwriting until the next time i had to accidentally stumble upon the "coaster correspondence" in VF. also, glad to see the huge, over-the-top cursive synonymous with retards is being employed by cosmogirl's EIC.