The current New Republic cover, illustrating a story about strife in the Clinton campaign called "Voices In Her Head", is causing a fracas in the blogosphere. The not-so-subtle implication of TNR's art is that Hillary is "hysterical" and increasingly unhinged. On the progressive political blog Shakesville, Jeff Fecke writes, "Boy, TNR, could you spread the misogyny any thicker? 'Voices in her head'? Really? Why code it? Why not just come right out and say what you're thinking — call Hillary a 'hysterical woman.'" Click on the cover for a closer look. [TNR, Shakesville]


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I get to be an insider! I get to be an insider!

I worked for TNR (as their online intern) for the first half of 2007. Now, I found it somewhat difficult to get a grasp on the editors' politics — they seemed to be mostly liberal, though in an especially Centrist-even-leaning-conservative way... which is kinda a HRC earmark. But I digress.

About three weeks into my internship, Obama announced his candidacy. About a week after that, Hillary did... something, something that is now utterly insignificant. That week, in our editorial meeting, about half of the editorial board desperately tried to convince everyone to run a cover story stating "Hillary's Dead," which was supposed to announce the end of her candidacy before she properly got started. A bunch of people held out (thank god!), and it was tabled for next week.

They continued to push and push and push and push the "Hillary's Dead" issue until finally they had to face up to the fact that Hillary's campaign was going pretty well. And then it went better. And better and better.

Looks like they finally got around to it.

So that's my way of telling you that it's been nearly a YEAR now that a certain sector at TNR has been pushing for this story. I have to say, I'm really sad to see that Michelle Cottle is the one who wrote it; she is an excellent writer and, I thought, a much smarter woman than this.

Also, it's awesome to see that Leon finally got around to his Obama/Marxist piece. That's another thing that first got mentioned back when I was working there.

Oh, and as an epilogue: TNR is what convinced me to stay as far away as humanly possible from political journalism as I could. Forever.