Something very strange and very creepy is afoot Los Angeles. Yesterday afternoon two women and their nine dogs were hiking beneath the iconic Hollywood sign that overlooks the city when they made a gruesome discovery: the severed head of a man in a plastic bag. Karen Rayner, a spokesperson for the LAPD, described the way the disturbing find came about:

Two dogs were playing with it, and that's when the dog walkers looked closer and realized it was a human head.

Yikes. Police have been using cadaver dogs to search the area, which is a popular hiking and tourist destination, for a body to go along with the head. Earlier today they uncovered one hand and later a second hand about 50 yards away. Then a few hours ago they located two human feet, near where the head had been. It seems safe to assume they all belong together, but the police said they'll need to "run tests to confirm that the body parts belong to the same person." Let's hope they do.

The Hollywood intrigue thickened when investigators on the case were seen talking to Brad Pitt's bodyguard this afternoon. Pitt, who strangely had his own run-in with a severed head in the movie Seven, has a house right down the road from where the head was discovered—but don't worry he's not a suspect. Police are simply going around talking to all of the neighbors trying to gather evidence.

There are 30 detectives working the scene, and so far they think the crime occurred somewhere else, and the body was later dumped in the park. They say the head is a man who is "possibly of Armenian descent, in his 40s with salt-and-pepper hair." They're working to identify him based on fingerprints and dental records. They've also set up a grid system in order to search for any other body parts, but it could be difficult since the park is home to lots of coyotes and other wild animals who might have already moved (or worse) some of the missing pieces. If it wasn't so horribly real, this would have all the makings of fascinating crime drama.


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