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The Cupcake Car: Appealing Or Appalling?

Illustration for article titled The Cupcake Car: Appealing Or Appalling?

Buzzfeed's Peggy Wang calls the vehicle — which comes with matching hat — her dream car, but I think the Burning Man ride is terrifying in a Wonka-Gone-Mad way. So is the $25,000 price tag. [Buzzfeed, Neiman Marcus]


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Erin Gloria Ryan

For those of us who want to turn ourselves into a real live version of the early 1990's Cupcake dolls.

I can't be the only one who had a younger sister who had one, and used that as an excuse to get one of her own under the guise that I wanted to play with her, but I really got it because I thought that the concept of a scented doll named Minty Mindy was awesome.