The Critics Speak: 'Georgia Rule' Is A Hot Mess

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So you might've heard that Lindsay Lohan made a lil' movie with Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman called Georgia Rule. And it totally comes out today! But what do the critics have to say? While The New York Times gets oddly sentimental about Lohan — "The surprise is that she does it with such poise and intelligence....[The film] doesn't succeed, but there is nonetheless something admirable and honest in the effort" — the rest of the country is ready to throw-down with some harsher words...


Boston Globe:

Lohan's performance, by contrast, is so superficial that you hate Rachel more at the end of the movie than you did at the start, and that can't be right....It takes real time and effort to trivialize incest. "Georgia Rule" does it in just 113 minutes.


Village Voice:

Georgia Rule might profitably be retitled The Lindsay Lohan Story, but peeking out from all the strutting and preening is a strong, decent person in the making. With luck that same person may yet rise up to deliver Lohan—whose well-documented freak-out occurred on the set of Georgia Rule—from her off-screen antics.


[T]here's something unsavory about the way it uses a character's emotional and psychological scars as a gimmick, a way for us both to enjoy the vision of Lohan in a series of skimpy baby-doll mini-dresses even as we're ultimately supposed to murmur, "Poor little thing, no wonder she's so sexually precocious!..."Georgia Rule" made me, a full-fledged, life-in-the-slow-lane grown-up, feel like acting out; maybe it had the same effect on Lohan.


Washington Post:

Lohan..[is] 20 and looks about 35. With her fully developed woman's body, her potty mouth, her makeup-slathered eyes and a wardrobe of frilly, feathery things that just keep slipping off, she looks like she's just in from a night of drunken clubbing. You wonder: What is this adult doing in this child's role? She should be running a brothel in Nevada, not working in a vet's office.


God, we love Fridays.

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