The Critics Choice Awards: Where's Bjork When You Need Her?

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The Critics Choice Awards were last night, and where there's an awards show, there's our take on who wore the good, the bad, & the ugly. Frankly, we think that anyone who would show and fail to support the striking writers is pretty ugly in our book. But of the dark-hearted folks who did show — well, it was all a little blah. Marion Cotillard, who played Edith Piaf in this year's La Vie En Rose gave Kyra Sedgewick (left) a run for her money for the evening's best dressed. But see for yourself: Cotillard, Amanda Bynes' wide stance, Marcia Gay Harden's ill-supported boobs, Brittany Snow's too shiny dress and more, all after the jump.

The Good:


Marion Cotillard proves that French women do everything better, Emily Deschanel gives her sister a run for her money for title of "Prettiest Deschanel," and Hal Holbrook and Dixie Carter are just too cute for words and we love them.

The Bad:

Sorry, we can't even comment on Amanda Bynes' lilac frock, we're too distracted by her wide stance; Queen Latifah sports one of the most desperate polyster looking pantsuits we've ever seen; and Marcia Gay Harden needs a better bra and less Botox.

The Ugly:


Brittany Snow shines in all the wrong ways, Anna Sophia Robb looks like she made a wrong turn on her way to a deubtante ball, and Julian Schnabel might be a brilliant filmmaker, but when it comes to his taste in clothes: Oy.

[All images via Bauer-Griffin]

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@DorothyZbornak: I too have loved Kyra since Singles, and I'm a huge huge huge closer fan!

Hairspray - in my opinion it's blasphemy to do what they did to a John Waters movie, but then again he's making money off of it so why not! By the way, John Waters is my hero/ idol/ obesssion.