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The Crimson Tide

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So, apparently, there is a menstrual blood bank. Cyro-Cell, a cord blood company, has just launched a controversial service for women who want to store their own stem cells taken from their period blood, in hopes that medical advances will enable stem cells to cure certain diseases like cancer. Women are sent a "discreet" collection kit, which includes a menstrual cup and collection tubes. (Yuck.) Anyway for $499, Cyro-Cell will process your cells and store them for a year, but some experts believe that it's too early to tell if menstrual stem cells are going to be "therapeutically viable," and that selling this service, with such iffy science backing it up, is simply preying upon women's fears. [BBC News]


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@charlotte corday: From what my Japanese friends (living in Japan) tell me, for the large part women in the workforce largely work as office assistants or salespeople and, in their 20's, are expected to get hitched and then become stay at home moms. There are also less female managers and executives than in North America. Studies also show that women are expected to be more study I'd read indicated something like 70% of women who'd been married for more than a year were still afraid of farting in the presence of their husbands.

I don't doubt the sex industry in Japan is much bigger than here in North America. But just because they cater to more fetishes in the mainstream doesn't mean they're more frank and accepting about the topic. The existence of cutesy yaoi manga doesn't mean it's more socially acceptable to be a homosexual male in Japan, is all I'm saying.