The Couple Behind Apartment Therapy Is Splitting Up

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A dark cloud has settled over the design blogging world: Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan and his wife Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan, who run the Apartment Therapy empire together are reportedly splitting up. The New York Post has a kind of snotty-sounding source who says,

They are separating, and nobody knows what the hell is going to happen to the site. This despite the fact they've been very public in sharing their lives as a happy couple living in New York City in a small apartment, with a small child.


Since they made a point of living, and documenting their time, in very small spaces, there will no doubt be a few "the marriage was built to last, but the house was built too small" jokes. But for regular readers of the site, this is actually a genuine bummer. They seemed to have made such a nice life for themselves and their daughter. A rep for the site wouldn't confirm the split and said only, "Apartment Therapy just consolidated and relaunched its sites to enhance the focus on home design and home cooking. . . . We ask that you respect our family's privacy." There's been a lot of romantic upheaval in the blogosphere of late—it was just in January that we heard the news that super mommy blogger Heather Armstrong and her husband were calling it quits.

House broken: Apt.-design blog couple splits up [New York Post]

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I'm not going to comment on their relationship.

But i have to say I get a little bit of "culture shock" anytime people talk about renovating rental apartments. I guess this is a New York thing (or maybe a thing in most major cities), because every place I've lived leases don't allow for any kind of renovations. Maybe allowing to paint the wall, but only if you paint it back.