The Cool New Trend Sweeping the Nation Is...Tipsy Axe Throwing?

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Last year The Washington Post reported that axe throwing, which is basically like darts but for people who do not fear death, made it’s way down to the US from Canada, where there’s a National Axe Throwing Federation. Earlier this year the New York Post followed up, reporting that axe throwing is now one of the “hottest competitive sports.” And now you can finally do it drunk!


Eater reports that a new bar is opening in Gowanus, Brooklyn called Kick Axe, which offers a 75-minute axe-throwing session for $35 in addition to food, drink, and safety experts. And while it seems like there’s nothing more terrifying than entering a hip bar in which every drunk person is also throwing axes (are these people taking breathalyzer tests before playing, or what?) similar bars and venues have been popping up around the country. Hatchets & Hops in Buffalo has on hand “the finest local craft beers, wines, and ciders for the responsible imbibing pleasure of you and your group during your throwing session” according to their site. Urban Axes, an axe-throwing facility with locations in Philadelphia and Austin, is BYOB.

So, what’s the deal? Has 2017 been such hell that everyone needs to get their rage out in some way and getting our Jack Torrance on is the best way to release all of that? An article on drinking and axe-throwing in The Boston Globe reads:

Even though throwing axes around while drinking doesn’t seem like a good mix, Paton says that’s exactly the vibe they want at Urban Axes.

“It has an edgy feel or vibe. It feels like you shouldn’t be able to do it,” Paton said. shouldn’t. Be safe out there, everyone, as you watch your local bars swiftly turn into axe-throwing party venues.

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This has been a thing in Toronto for close to a decade and I’m weary of it. It is honestly kind of fun, but not significantly more fun than darts. I feel the same way about axe throwing as I do about pole fitness classes - not terrible/kinda fun in their own right, but the worst fucking people won’t stop talking about it like it makes them cool. Y’all, relax.