The Coney Island Cyclone was not fun for everyone when Beyoncé and Terry Richardson visited to shoot her new music video. Unbeknownst to the crew, a couple was trapped at the top of the ride for 30 minutes during pre-production. The woman dissolved into tears when they were finally let off. Free concert tickets should really be in order, right?


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I'll save a lot of you guys some time and just get it over with.

God! Beyonce is such a fucking bitch. What a selfish, self obsessed whore. She can't even sing that well. She is just so self absorbed and stupid. Why does she keep bleaching her skin and getting nose jobs? She cut her hair and then got extensions? How stupid can she be? She doesn't speak that well. She is such a horrible feminist. Why didn't she go from cage to cage on the ferris wheel and make sure that they were all empty? You know that she doesn't write those songs don't you? Her lyrics are so stupid. I don't know why but there is just something about her that just makes me hate her. I hate her. Does anybody else just hate her. Did I mention that she is the worlds worst feminist. Let's all talk about it.