The Company That Made Your Underwear Is Giving Money To Romney

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Women's Wear Daily had the Center for Responsive Politics track political donations by top fashion industry figures and companies during this election year. And the results are...not nearly as wholly skewed towards the Democrats as one might imagine (Anna Wintour's status as a top-tier Obama bundler notwithstanding). New York is of course a safe Democratic state in presidential politics, but one way the richest of its citizens can hold some sway in the political fray is by opening their wallets. So who's doing the giving?

According to the most recent detailed figures available, in February department store, mass retail and apparel brand executives and employees gave a total of $435,160 to the presidential race, 53.9 percent to Obama and 45.9 percent to Republicans.


And who's giving to Obama?

Several designers and industry executives have given personally to Obama so far, including Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch and Michael Kors, as well as Leonard Lauder, chairman emeritus of the Estée Lauder Cos., and Robert Haas, chairman emeritus of Levi Strauss. Each of them gave the maximum individual contribution of $5,000.

And who's giving to our favorite Real Cyborg Of Salt Lake City, MittBott 3000?

Romney received support from executives including Emanuel Chirico, chairman and chief executive officer of PVH Corp., who gave $2,500; Paul Marciano, vice chairman and CEO of Guess Inc., who gave $2,500, and Ed Emma, president and chief operating officer of Jockey International, who gave $450.

At this rate, MittBott may soon be able to afford that RealHuman™ emotion chip he's been saving for. Interestingly, Tommy Hilfiger is a Democratic donor — even though the C.E.O. of Hilfiger's parent company, PVH, is a Republican donor. [WWD]

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Mario Testino has revamped, reorganized, and relaunched his personal Web site. A must-browse for rarely seen early photos and behind-the-scenes gems — like this old snapshot of Iman and David Bowie. []

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Alessandra Ambrosio posted this Standard Pregnancy Glamour Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott to her Facebook page. [Facebook]

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Crystal Renn — still brunette at the time of the shoot — is on the new cover of Vogue Mexico. It is her second cover of that edition of the magazine. [FGR]

  • Tom Ford hates "that whole gay/straight thing." You cannot put Tom Ford's sexuality in a box, you guys. Or if you did, it would be a rare trapezoidal ovoid box made of purple crocodile leather with 18k gold corner detailing and an applause track that plays on loop upon opening. With a naked lady in it. At the British Vogue Festival this weekend, Alexandra Shulman premised a question by stating that the designer is "very open about being gay." He responded, "I'm not gay, Alex! What made you think that?" Ford has been with his partner, Richard Buckley, for 25 years. "Yes, and he's a man, but we don't necessarily have to put boxes around everything. Have you ever slept with a woman, Alex?" Shulman said she had not. "I hate to use the words gay and straight, and I think we're all on some sort of sliding scale. Of course, I'm at the Richard Buckley end of the scale, but I hate that gay/straight thing." [The Cut]

    Petra Nemcova, who recently confirmed her planned wedding to Jamie Belman had been called off, might be sexing her ex Sean Penn. [P6]

    Roberto Cavalli — who just wants to know what the animals think of us, you guys — went on a Kanye-level Twitter rant. He doesn't like French fashion, American fashion, or Anna Wintour. At all.

    where is the franch fashion ? No one disigner is the franch brands, English...American..... italian ....
    THE ONLY AMERICAN DESIGNER THAT I LIKE IS MARC JACOBS...! but ...just in the Marc Jacobs show !!! Louis Vuitton show is for old ladys
    The italian fashion is the most creative !! and Dolce e Gabbana are the best !!| The italian fashion is book of all the world disigners
    I confide you a secret... Anna Wintur das nt come to see my show in Milano ....... Why ?? becouse I dont do publicity in American Vogue ??

    [Sic] for all that. Never change, Robbie. [@Roberto_Cavalli]

    Sonia Rykiel has Parkinson's Disease. The designer has suffered from the degenerative disorder for 15 years. She decided to talk publicly about the condition in her new memoir, published this week in France under the title N'Oublie Pas Que Je Joue. ("Don't Forget That I'm Playing.") "I don't want to show my pain. I resisted, I hesitated, I tried to be invisible, to pretend that nothing was wrong. It's impossible, it's not like me," says Rykiel. [WWD]

    Bridget Hall reportedly has a stalker who knows where she lives — the Hamptons — and keeps on sending her long letters in which he threatens to take the jitney out to her house to see her. Hall has informed the police. [P6]

    Abbey Lee is reportedly set to have a small role in the fourth Mad Max movie. "Obviously it's set in a post-apocalyptic world, and women, especially beautiful women, are scarce, so men have been locking them up in cages," says a "source" on the film. "Abbey is one of them. She's perfect." Obviously. [Daily Telegraph]

    Fashion writer (and frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal) Teri Agins is now under contract to write a second book. Her as-yet untitled book is said to be "a behind-the-scenes exposé" on the global fashion industry. Out in 2014. [WWD]

    According to fashion writer Dana Thomas, John Galliano is in New York. Thomas recently spotted the disgraced designer and convicted hate criminal having lunch with Anna Wintour foil Grace Coddington "and telling her that he is 'thrilled' with...something!" [@DanaThomasParis]

    Amanda de Cadenet says her new Lifetime show, The Conversation, which debuts Thursday, will address issues like body image, relationships, and money, from a female perspective. "Every woman who showed up did it because they felt a responsibility to use their voice wisely," says the photographer and actress. "Whether you're a 13-year-old girl who's saying, ‘I know I don't eat enough but I wish that I was thinner,' to Portia de Rossi saying, ‘I spent so much time in the gym or on the scale, worrying about my weight,' to Jane Fonda, who's 73, saying ‘I was bulimic until I was 43.' It's just showing that everyone deals with these issues, whether you're a famous woman, an iconic woman, or a young woman. I had to make this because I felt like it was needed.…I couldn't see it, so I made it." [WWD]

    Uniqlo's U.K. C.E.O. says the company is humble. "Many times we have what we think is a good idea and many times it fails. The customer always has the answer as to why." And he sounds sick of all those comparisons to the Gap: "We are not the new Gap. Here's why: we are not style-driven, we do not believe customers need advice on dressing themselves — they are smart enough to make their own choices. We are more focused on functionality and choice.... We do not advocate wearing a total "look." If you only want to buy a belt from us that's fine." [WSJ]

    Brunello Cucinelli's IPO was oversubscribed 17 times, so the shares have been priced at the top end of the range — €7.75, or $10.10. [WWD]

    Revenues at Coach during the quarter just ended rose 21% over the same period last year, to $225 million. [WWD]

    And now, a moment with David Bailey. David, do you think second-wave feminist critiques of your work are misinformed, or merely profoundly stupid?

    "I get attacked by feminists; I had a terrible time in the seventies — in fact when we had exhibitions we used to have to have bodyguards, because otherwise they would throw paint over us. They hated me, those women. I think they hated everyone." Was he misunderstood? "No, I think they were stupid. If you met my mum, you wouldn't think women weren't equal. She was tough, properly tough."

    Bailey, 74, also says, "Don't ever sign anything for fucking Conde Nast or Hearst. I had a ghastly contract with American Vogue." [The Cut]


Kat Callahan

Doesn't surprise me about Hilfiger vs. his brand's owners. Fashion conglomerates are run like any other big corporations, and big corporations have a lot more to gain by supporting Mittens and the GOP this cycle. Designers are a notoriously independent and rebellious lot, and tend on the whole to have a liberal outlook especially on social issues like gay rights. It isn't surprising at all that Tommy would give to the Ds while the non-designer CEO of the conglomerate who owns his brand gives to Rs.