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The 'Comfort' Of Strangers

Illustration for article titled The Comfort Of Strangers

[Manila, August 12. Image via Getty]

A Filipino woman, formerly forced by the Japanese Imperial Army to work as a 'comfort woman' during the Second World War, holds a placard during a protest in front of the Japanese embassy in Manila on August 12, 2009, to coincide with a global action calling for justice for all women victims of wartime sexual slavery. Former Filipina comfort women continue to demand that the Japanese government officially recognise as a war crime the systematic rape of women committed by its imperial army as they were forced to work in brothels during the Second World War. AFP PHOTO/TED ALJIBE (Photo credit should read TED ALJIBE/AFP/Getty Images)

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When I was in Seoul, I passed by a a group of former comfort women protesting outside of the Japanese Embassy. What they were asking for was so small— that just wanted an apology and recognition from the Japanese government. It breaks my heart that Japanese Government refuses to hear them. There are still many in Japan that deny the use of comfort women.