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The Color of "Suddenly Single"

Illustration for article titled The Color of Suddenly Single

Did you hear? Yellow is in for spring! And no one is snapping up the pee-colored clothing faster than Tinseltown's newest bachelorettes.


First it was recently-separated Reese Witherspoon, who turned up at the Golden Globes and wowed fashion critics and couch potatoes alike with her svelte figure and sunflower-hued Nina Ricci dress. Then, just this past Wednesday, Kerry Washington — who inexplicably split with her actor fiance David Moscow a few weeks ago — arrived at the premiere of her film I Think I Love My Wife in a marigold Oscar de la Renta gown.

We know it supposedly takes three to make a trend, but you have to understand: We're so on top of the trend it hasn't even happened yet.


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Kerry Steps Up Her Style [FashionWeekDaily]

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