The City's New Asshole Is Actually The Hills' Old Asshole

On last night's premiere, Roxy Olin joined the cast to play Whitney's frenemy. Roxy—an actress who had a recurring role on Brothers & Sisters—might look familiar, as she used to play Stephanie Pratt's BFF on The Hills.

In the clip above, Roxy sits down for an interview with Kelly Cutrone for a position at Peoples Revolution. Although Whitney landed her the interview, Roxy comically talks shit on Whitney ("She like wears yellow"), whom she's known since the seventh grade. During the interview, Roxy also claims to have worked for Rachel Zoe for "a little bit," which Rachel denies, Tweeting, ""she never worked for me..lying is so not chic."


In fact, a lot of Tweeting has been going on about Roxy by the faux-reality set. Just yesterday, Stephanie Pratt went on a Twitter tirade about her, unable to limit her views to 140 characters, saying, "She was [my best friend] since 7th grade until she stabbed me in the back for her chance at fame. I tried to bring her on the hills with me but she wanted to be a 'star' so she went behind my back and made arrangements 2 b whits bff."

Roxy was actually the sidekick for Stephanie's very first appearance on The Hills, when the two girls confronted Lauren Conrad in a club to yell at her for being "mean" to Heidi.

Stephanie's assertion about Roxy wanting to be a "star" seem to be true, at least according to this E! News story from two years ago. After Roxy's one appearance on The Hills, her mother actually spoke to the media, who actually bothered to report on it, saying, "Roxy will only appear in one episode of The Hills even though they wanted her to do another one. [She] appeared as a favor. I'm pretty sure she's not going to do any more. They kind of pigeonhole you into stuff there."

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Oh god, she's the daughter of Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig. I love them. This is really, really sad.