The CIA had a bunch of videotapes of its agents torturing high-level terror suspects like Abu Zubaydah into confessing important Al Qaeda secrets, but see, what had happened was, Abu Zubaydah turned out to be a paranoid schizophrenic who was actually just an errand boy and all the shit he said was craziness. Or maybe not, and he was just crazy like a "fox," but then he went insane when they started pretending to drown him and crap like that. Either way, we'll probably never know, because they destroyed all the videotapes after they started fielding too many calls from the Washington Post's Dana Priest, who broke the news last year that the CIA was keeping secret prisons in Eastern European countries where torture was still being allowed. Anyway, I'd love to see for myself whether Zubaydah was truly crazy or just driven crazy by the CIA's interrogation techniques, but from the look of that mug shot, actually I take that back. [Washington Post]