The Chippendiddys

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This 1995 video of little boys doing a Chippendales routine has been making the web rounds. Hereabouts, some of us find it incredibly disturbing, and others merely funny. What say you? [Dlisted]


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Miss Smith Drank Your Vodka

Something struck me about this - the sexuality of the little boys dancing is made outrageous by the fact that they're dancing a Chippendale routine. It's outlandish and out there.

But, save for a few thrusts and overtly sexual moves, I was reminded of dance routines little girls are regularly required to perform in beauty pageants. While the sexuality may be toned down a bit, the young girls are still moving and swinging their hips in a fashion meant to mimic adult dancing. There isn't much outcry of this, save from communities like Jezebel, et al. But the dance routines continue, regularly.

Not to say both are right or one is more than the other, just an observation.