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The chief inspection official of China's quality watchdog says that the milk crisis which sickened 53,000 Chinese children has, hopefully, come to a close. Even so, some women are responding to the milk powder scandal by offering their services as wet nurses to families wary of using formula. Breast-feeding might also see a resurgence in China, where many women stopped breastfeeding because they felt formula was better for their babies. [Reuters & WSJ]


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regarding several comments in different comment "threads": They've done several studies on Africa and even if a woman is malnourished breastmilk almost always carries all the nutrients a baby needs. Your body even produces some itself, and anything a mother does eat goes to the baby before the mother gets any benefits.

If big companies tell woman otherwise they are full of evil bile spewing crap and only out for a profit. I swear to high holy heaven if I hear about one more big company screwing over poor women and children in the developing world.....

Okay, rant over. Don't even get me started on them trying to get women with unsafe water supplies to bottlefeed...