Candace Bushnell's interview yesterday for NPR's "On Point With Tom Ashbrook" was kind of cringe-inducing (start at like 30 mins for the worst of it.) Ostensibly, Bushnell was on to discuss her new novel, One Fifth Avenue — from which she reads various excerpts involving people with names like "Lola Fabricant" — but, not unreasonably, the host wanted to talk about how her SATC world will play in the new post-apocalyptic economy. Bushnell got wildly defensive, compared herself to Flaubert, and launched into a bunch of Palin-worthy tangents on McDonald's hamburgers, Gloria Steinem and many, many references to having paid her dues by not having cutlery until she was about 35. There's also a lot of strident interruption and pointed use of the interviewer's first name. "I feel a little bit like you're kind of missing the point of my work," she says sharply at 32 minutes. Gawd - Why can't everyone just accept that she's a serious "social satirist and anthroplogist?" [NPR]