The Bunny Code

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We were psyched when we saw the sinister headline "Once A Playmate Always A Playmate." Like, is there some kind of secret Playboy Mafia, where they have to take things to their grave? Does Hef keep tabs on everyone from some kind of control center in the Playboy Mansion? We wish. Turns out the piece is just about ex-playmates cashing in on their Bunny pasts. Miss February 1986 Jule McCullough does a comedy act called "Funny Bunny" in which she "pulls socks out of her top"; Juliette Rose Fretté, 24, Miss June '08, landed a book deal for her thesis "Posing for Playboy From a Feminist Perspective." A third was the first one eliminated from Celebrity Apprentice. So, unless the mafia's a lot more boring than we thought, it seems the only thing they've got in common is taking orders from an old man. [Newser]

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Mama Penguino

Playboy, Playboy bunnies and particularly that tired old Playboy logo make me so tired. What does Dieter from Sprockets say? "Your story has grown tiresome." One evening I went through my cousin's issue of Penthouse from cover to cover and when I was finished I sighed heavily and said to him, "I don't care if I see another vulva in my entire life." I can't believe guys don't get tired of looking at two hanging bags of flesh or some folds of skin. It boggles the mind.