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The Brains Behind TMZ Set Their Sights On Material Moms

Illustration for article titled The Brains Behind TMZ Set Their Sights On Material Moms

Silicon Alley Insider reports that Time Warner's Telepicture Productions — the company behind TMZ, the place for all of your salacious Britney Spears, Dog The Bounty Hunter and random drunk girls on video news — has a new target: Moms. Yes, women who spawn and spend have attracted the attention of the media conglomerate, and the result is the launch of MomLogic, a site for mothers by mothers. Logically! And it's not just a website: It's an ad network. Plus: photos, shopping, games, community. Time Warner's got big hopes for MomLogic: A TV show! And maybe a TV channel! Because, you know, even though NBC has Oxygen and iViilage, and Lifetime Television is launching — which will have content from Glam, the leading internet destination for women, there just isn't enough stuff out there for moms. And when they're done reading about Britney, they're gonna want to hop over and read about where she got that carseat!


TMZ Creators' Next Target: Moms [Silicon Alley Insider]

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Once again, the so-called "Mom" whose child is a mere Lifestyle Accessory is being shoved down our collective throats. Judging by what many of the Moms here (both single and married) have said, this is anything but the common woman's experience. Yet this is the only Mom who exists in the mind of The Media.