Last night, CMT held its annual Music Awards show and even though it was in an arena in Nashville some non-country celebrities showed up to walk the red carpet. There was no shortage of cleavage, cowboy boots, or rhinestones.

Very deep cleavage was a popular trend at last night's awards show: Hillary Scott, Kellie Pickler, and Shawna Thompson.

Grace Potter went for an open front/open back look.


Kristen Bell, the show's co-host, was probably the best dressed, but I can honestly say that I'm not even sure if I like what she's wearing or if it's just the best of a really crappy lot. I mean, she looks nice, though.

I have absolutely seen Denise Richards' dress on a Housewife, I'm just not certain which one. And I have absolutely seen Denise Richards' tattoo on the wall of a tattoo shop.


When you're famous, no matter how much of a good girl image you have, you should probably avoid any monitor anklet confusion when you pick out shoes.


Lauren Alaina is almost unrecognizable after someone figured the 17-year-old for a hard-working, 37-year-old mother of four who deserves a makeover because she never spends the time to take care of herself.

Birds of a feather: Rachel Holder, Ashley Greene, and Ali Dee.


You know it's true love when you press your stuff up against your boyfriend in every picture, as Michaele Salahi does with the guy from Journey. Paige Duke wore a dress to show off her cowgirl boots. Crimson and James Storm are the visual representations of what the Ed Hardy cologne must smell like.

Underwhelming efforts from Miranda Lambert, Hayden Panettiere, and Jennie Garth.


This is the kind of trash-and-flash I appreciate at an event like this: Elizabeth Cook, Skylar Laine, and Laura Bell Bundy.

I sympathize with Allison DeMarcus, because trying to dress up while you're pregnant is difficult, but there are ways you can do it in which you don't end up channeling a washed-up Vegas madame. As for Samantha Stephens and Jordin Sparks, their gowns just look a little too "prom" for this event that seemed more like a "date dance."