The Blogosphere Showers Jezebel With Acceptance, Affirmation

Here at Jezebel we're still learning to love ourselves so we don't totally trust all the positive feedback we've gotten from the internerds since yesterday, especially considering that you people have hearts of nicotine and we know that you're going to turn our use of the phrase "societal cancer" against us someday. Excepting the people who think we're too white — Anna may be pretty pasty but Jennie has a rare skin disease that obscures the fact that she is actually Haitian in origin — you were pretty nice! Oh, except for the Deadspin commenters! Who were definitely more funny than nice, which we fully endorse as a tactic for getting to do it with us. Anyway, without further ado, our fave reviews:


"Thanks to Gawker Media's newest blog Jezebel, the world finally has a web space dedicated to examining the tougher questions women are facing today, such as "What's the deal Angelina Jolie's gross arm veins?" [Best Week Ever]

"Verdict: Smart niche blog launch." [Wired]

"Doy, the editors are hot." [Fimoculous]

"The new launch isn't sitting well with everybody. And by "everybody" we mean Atlanta's Jezebel magazine, the luxury glossy from Dickey Publishing. We checked in with an industry soldier over there, who hasn't heard of this "Gawker" thing, nor its "Jezebel blogsite," but is pretty certain Dickey won't be terribly pleased to learn "Dick Denton" is encroaching on their copyright." [Jossip]

"Wait, so living like a Sex and the City character is an unhealthy thing? Fuck." [Sex and the Ivy]

"It's called Jezebel. That was my nickname in High School, therefore it rocks." [WeeTiny Blog]

"Hit the nail on the head." [Pudgy-Girl]

"Way to make my blog redundant, guys!" [Slouching Towards Bloggerhem]

"They say just what you want to say" [CreativeClown]

"Looking forward to working with, antagonizing you ladies." [Datehole]

"It's got some funny stuff about celebrity, sex, fashion, and... ummmm... is there anything else worth blogging about??" [Civixen]


"I think I'm just a little bit in love." [OmegaWomen]



ok... I gotta say I think the blog's getting a lot of attention from a certain testosterone-y element. I mean... did guys used to read and subscribe to Jane, Sassy, et al. in these numbers, just to "understand how women think" or whatever such nonsense they may spout off about while trying to pick up hot blogger chicks?

And the editors do have ovaries, right? just sayin'.