Illustration for article titled The Bissell Kitty Halftime Show Was an Acid Trip of Kitty

If you haven't been following Meep the Bird's tweets, you might not know what's been going on in Puppy Bowl VIII. The short answer is a lot of stuff, way too much for me to recap here. I heard the good-natured announcer call out "Aberdeen" a lot so I'm going to guess that Aberdeen had a big day. If you tuned in late and missed part of the broadcast because you were under the impression that the Puppy Bowl actually was the antidote for people who don't give a damn about the Super Bowl, don't worry: we're bringing you, for the sake of parity, the Bissell Kitty Halftime Show, during which dazed-looking kittens frolic in a toy-filled enclosure built by somebody who'd clearly been huffing paint during construction.


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