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Stealing something by stuffing it up your skirt is an age-old criminal trick, but for some reason a woman in Staten Island recently decided to employ it to steal a bunch of prawns from Costco, which just seems nasty. After all, who wants to eat a prawn that's been between your legs? Apparently Krystal Douglas, 26, and her accomplice, 68-year-old Charles Simboyan, are fine with it, because they hit up a local Costco repeatedly. Some of the loot they scored during their two-week-long stealing spree includes shrimp, steak, chicken legs, pork chops, DVDs, women's clothing, and a bunch of polo shirts. In fact, the duo (who it appears was also working with another woman who's yet to be caught) got busted after Costco noticed that $5,000 worth of polo shirts had gone missing. Good lord, at Costco prices, you'd think that would be more shirts than any one person could lift, much less carry between one's legs.


Anyway, after store employees reviewed video footage, they noticed the couple in question in the store on multiple occasions. They would load up their cart, and take it to the produce section, then by the time they left the store, their cart was magically empty. So when the pair came back to the store for another stealing session, security followed them out into the parking lot where they confronted Douglas because she was "walking oddly." She initially said she had a bad knee, but eventually she was led into the women's room where, "she produced boxers, panties and prawns." What a haul! Sadly, they never even got to eat their stolen prawns, because they were arrested and are now facing charges. No word on the fate of all those gazillion polo shirts.

Cops: Shoplifters hid food and clothing from Staten Island Costco under skirt [SILive via Gothamist]


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WHHHAaaaaaa? Even April Rhodes wouldn't take the method that far...