The Best Sex? Quick, Like A Bunny

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Don't you just love quickies? A "random sample" of Canadian and U.S. sex therapists say that intercourse of seven to 13 minutes is most "desirable." The survey of North American experts, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, states that three- to seven-minute penetrative sex is "adequate" and 10- to 30-minute intercourse is "too long." Some studies show that Americans expect penetrative sex to last between 15 and 20 minutes, even though it is usually over in less than half that time. Meanwhile, as reported earlier, only 44% of people worldwide claim to be fully satisfied with their sex lives. Some experts blame couples for focusing on the "goal" of marriage and not on the relationship, according to CNN. But the other day, Laura Berman, a Chicago sex therapist/relationship expert, had some great advice for couples unsatisfied between the sheets: Ladies should just learn to be submissive!


Try traditional gender roles: Men may become more sexually assertive if they feel more in control, and women may feel more desire for a mate with newfound machismo. "You don't have to get his slippers," explains Berman. "You just have to give him some control." She suggests a date where the man chooses everything — her clothes, the restaurant, the food — as a starting point.

Because picking out your own outfit is the quickest way to give your man a limp dick.

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"Try traditional gender roles." How about you try a tall frosty pint of 'Shut the fuck up, bitch! If you're so into gender roles, why were you off getting your PhD instead of letting your man bang you for 7 minutes and getting you pregnant?!"

@hortense: My husband was given a pair and thought they were so kitchy he wore them everywhere jokingly... then the joke turned serious. Then I pointed out how disgusting they had become and he stopped. It was a horrifying time in our relationship.

@cupcakesofdeath: Morning sexathons are the best sexathons there are!