The Best Questions and Answers From Amy Poehler's Delightful AMAA

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If you have two ears, a heart and a penchant for smart, funny women who kick ass, take names and mix a whole lot of metaphors, you've probably already heard that Amy Poehler did a Reddit AMAA (YOLO, but with limits, you know?) and rocked that town like she was the 1989 earthquake. (I can say that because I lived through it...on another continent, though.)


Here's what we learned from Leslie Knope's foray onto the world wide web: She's going to destroy Nick Offerman, Adam Scott smells amazing (believe) and she has no idea how many words Leslie Knope has said on Parks and Rec, but she'd like someone to count. (And you know someone will!)

Here are some of the best questions and answers from the Q&A:

What pickup line is guaranteed to work on you every time?

"Are you tired? You should leave this party and go to sleep."


First, of all I'm a massive fan, you're the funniest person on earth. Your appearance(s) on Comedy Bang Bang's freestyle rap contests are things of incredible notoriety, in a good way.

How do you feel freestyle rapping has shaped your career overall?

Also, is working with Adam Scott as incredible as it sounds?

Well, you know, look - do I think I'm the best in the game? No.

But do I think I'm one of the best? Absolutely.

Do I consider myself better than Nas? Totally.

Am I a better MC than Jay-Z? We.Shall.See.

At the end of the day, I'm just... trying to keep it real. From the heart, and spit like a master.

Yes, Adam Scott is a great actor, he's a great kisser, has a GREAT head of hair, and if this is Adam Scott - I'm onto you, stop fishing for compliments!

Roughly how many clones of you do you think it would take to beat 1 Nick Offerman in a fist fight?

First of all, this person assumes that I would fight Nick Offerman in a physical way. They are wrong. I would destroy him mentally.

I would get into that complex, wood-covered mind of his, and rip him to Shreds. And if this is Nick Offerman - nice try, buddy!

I'm coming for you!

What kind of kid were you going up? Were you the class clown? Were you ever shy?

I wasn't the class clown. I was a student who liked school and did a lot of activities, and I kind of floated around. I wasn't very shy, but I didn't really think I would be a performer, and didn't know anyone who was an actor or writer. I was a very kind of typical kid who liked to work hard and have a good time. But I don't think you would've necessarily pointed to me and said "Darn right."

So much hope for the rest of us who were average, every day kids. Hear that, mom? I can do whatever I want!

Why haven't you played Batman yet?

Cuz I don't want to win ALL the awards, it would be unfair!


Try not to squee/cry/show emotion as you read this one:

I feel stupid writing this, but here we go. I'm at work so I had to sneak into the bathroom to write this. It isn't really a question, I guess, but I had to reach out someway (and as far as I know you don't use any social media). I had to say thank you. I was very depressed this past winter. Stuck in a small town full of idiots, no idea where I wanted my life to go and more than anything just feeling alone and like a failure. Then I discovered Parks and Rec. You, the the cast and writers, fully turned my year around—maybe my life. I still live in this crummy town, and I still feel lonely sometimes, but I don't feel hopeless. I value what I have and have learned to look for opportunity and take chances. The laughs and tears (not just from the laughing, corny enough as that is to admit) have had a profound effect on me and I couldn't be more thankful. I wish the show could go on for forever, but it can't so I'll instead fill that void by introducing friends to what I view as the greatest tv comedy ever. And just since this is an ama, I'll just ask what your favorite kind of waffles are? :P

Okay, who cares about waffles?

What a beautiful post.

Thank you for sharing that with me. That was really nice. and you sound like the kind of person that will find a lot of love and happiness in your life. Because you're not afraid to be vulnerable, and you've gotten stronger in tough times.

I love the image of you huddled in the bathroom. We've all been there. I can't wait to see - I wish I could see what happens in the next 10 years. I can tell you're a special person with lots of good things ahead.

Also: blueberry.Okay, who cares about waffles?

And my personal favorite:

Amy, How do you treat yo self?

Fine leather goods.

Is there anyone else you'd rather be when you grow up?

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HA! Re: the second to last question. Parks and Rec had a similar effect on me. I have a picture of Leslie Knope hanging in my cube at my govt. job. I look at it every time I think to myself "What am I doing here?"