1. Oprah Asks: "What Shape Should Your Poop Be?" This was our first one, so it holds a special place in our hearts. Also, we find out that Oprah loves two things (besides Gayle): #1 Talking about poop, #2 Tequila! 2. Barbara Walters Is Obsessed With Porn Babs was so sexual this week. More than normal, we mean. 3. Oprah Winfrey Once Lost A Tampon This was a great week for The View because Judge Judy joined them. And she brought pictures of the cruise she went on with B. Dub and Cindy Adams. It made us wish we were 70-year-old media types so we could go on vacation with them. 4. We Never Tire of Tyra All of our favorite clips of Tyra from her second season. 5. Asswipe Terrence Howard Gets Serenaded By Tyra Banks All-Terrence Howard edition. Watch and make up your own mind about how much of a butt bag this guy is.