When we posted a clip on Christmas Eve of Swan Brooner from Living Dolls: The Making of a Child Beauty Queen, we were psyched to see you guys were as enthusiastic about this documentary as we are. We love it โ€” like, psychotically. We figured we'd give you another taste, this time, a clip of Shane King and Michael Butler, "business" partners who run a pageant coaching service providing choreography, hair, makeup, and glamour shots. Or, as they put it, they take "an ugly girl and make her look beautiful." It's kinda hard to choose which is more awesome: Shane's dance routine or when the mother, who looks like she got her hair cut by Edward Scissorhands, describes her relationship with her 5-year-old son as "wearing him like wet underwear," and then ponders the financial decision of keeping her boy in beauty pageants or getting him Human Growth Hormone.

It's kind of amazing how these women will invest thousands of dollars and countless hours on whoring up their pre-schoolers, but don't bother to touch up their own roots or find a flattering outfit. It's like they are living so vicariously through their children that they forgot they even had bodies.

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