The Best - And Worst - Gift I Ever Got

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'Tis the season. Here are our greatest hits and lowest lows; what are yours?

Anna H.: Worst: My first Christmas after starting to date my husband. He gave me a very expensive pair of stiletto Gucci booties - with the Gucci logo stamped all over them. Not only do I not wear stilettos (booties or otherwise) I am not a "label whore" and don't want obvious luxury logos on anything I buy. Also let me say that this was also while his friends from Sydney were in town and the male friend was out shopping with my husband on 5th Avenue for an engagement ring for the female friend (they ended up getting engaged on the Brooklyn Bridge). So, to recap: Tiffany diamond ring for the lady, Gucci boots for me. They are somewhere in the back of my closet and a source of much humiliation to my husband whenever they are discussed.
Best: When he bought me a set of mint-condition vintage John Bellairs books with the original Edward Gorey drawings.


Katy: Worst: A really hideous velvet thong. Best: a hand-painted ceramic teapot.

Sadie: I have gotten a lot of mediocre gifts in my time; the worst is either the empty oil can or the vodka-filled chocolates. And the best? Our first Christmas together my now-fiancé really came through: the collected Girl Groups CD set and a top-quality pocket knife engraved with my name.

Dodai: Worst came from a friend of my mom's, who gave me a book by Dr. Laura. I don't THINK it was "10 Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives" but it might have been. She meant well, but yuck. Best would probably be when my mom gave me my late father's Rolex he bought in the '60s and wore when I was a kid.

Anna N.:Worst: a disposable razor and a toothbrush (an uncharacteristic lapse on the part of my grandfather, who usually gave cool gifts)
Best: when he was about seven, my brother gave me a baseball on which he had written "#1 most times bieng there for her brother"

Hortense: The best present I ever got would probably be the chocolate lab my parents bought us for Christmas when I was 15, Bailey. (We named him after George Bailey from "It's A Wonderful Life.") He was a crazy dog. He actually just passed away last summer, so this will be the first family Christmas without him in 14 years. :(



Best: 1987, pink Sharp jam box, with pastel striped strap for carrying around, Def Leppard's "Hysteria" cassette tape to go along with it.

Worst: 2004, my husband gave me a stereo...because he wanted one.