The BBC Is Making a Movie About the Brontë Sisters

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Yes please and thank you very much: The BBC is making a movie about the Brontë sisters and their sad-sack brother Bramwell, too. Fuck yeah, let’s get some long, lingering shots of the moors going over here.


That’s according to the Guardian. Sally Wainwright will be writing and directing; she’s also known for her work on Last Tango in Halifax and Happy Valley. It’ll be called To Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisters:

The drama explores the siblings’ relationship with each other and their self-educated father, who grew up in an impoverished home in rural Ireland and encouraged his children – irrespective of their gender – to become passionate about literature.

It also portrays their “increasingly difficult relationship with their brother Branwell, who in the last three years of his life – following a tragically misguided love affair – sank into alcoholism, drug addiction and appalling behaviour”.

The period was a dramatic one for the family. Bramwell died in 1848; Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights were published in 1847 and The Tenant of Wildfeld Hall in 1848. Is it too much to hope for a few moments of “Dude-Watching with the Brontës”?

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nothing in the world angers me more than Wuthering Heights