The Batkid Documentary Trailer Will Have You in Tears

Last November, the Make a Wish Foundation, with the help of oh EVERYONE, took it upon themselves to transform San Francisco into the city of Gotham so that five-year-old leukemia patient Miles could live his dream of being Batman for a day. And streets all around the world flooded with the tears of a million ugly-cries. And now, a documentary awesomely named Batkid Begins aims to delve into the work and effort that went into making Mile's wish come true.


It was incredibly touching to watch a whole city gather to create and kind of believe in a new world, cheering Batkid on as he went about his day keeping "Gotham" safe out of the clutches of a handful of zany "villains." It was lighthearted, refreshing compassionate and goddammit, it was enough to restore faith in humanity for at least a little while.

The documentary team's goal is $100,000, and so far they've raised just under half of that with 22 days left to go. And the trailer looks awesome. With footage from the day itself along with interviews with Miles' parents, the Make a Wish organizers, and Hans fucking Zimmer, it definitely looks like a wonderful way to commemorate the day.

(Putting it out there, I can't wait for Miles to be old enough to curse—I really want to hear him say "I'm the goddamn Batkid.")



There are about six comments right now and 5/6 are cynical and/or sarcastic. Seriously, what is wrong with us that we can't think of anything nice to say about this? Jesus, there are more positive comments on the article about the Kim Kardashian game app.