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The Bathroom As Conversation Pit

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Bubble, bubble, toilet trouble: Do you carry on personal discussions in the ladies' room?


If so, you're not alone: 86% of people surveyed by a toilet paper company say they often have personal conversations in the loo.

Sometimes, when you're working in an office, the ladies' room is a demilitarized zone, where you can gossip, catch up, exchange pleasantries and so forth — without feeling like you're standing around slacking off in your cube or office. If your place of business has an open floorplan, sometimes the bathroom is one of the only places to find any privacy. (And fancy ladies's lounges — in hotels, restaurants have often been scenes for primping, spreading secrets, and showcase showdowns. Exhibit A: 1939's The Women.) But for some reason, even though it seems fine and dandy to gab about guys while taking a leak, a cell phone in the water closet rubs people the wrong way. Is it the one-sided conversation? Is it the idea that one should be doing something else with one's hands?


From The Body Odd on MSNBC:

For Jessica Ward, a 30-year-old notary public from Seattle, her biggest bathroom beef is people who talk on their cells phones in the stalls.
"I always flush and sometimes curse between flushing when the person in the stall next to me is talking on their phone," she says. "It's my subtle, passive-aggressive way to tell them to get off the phone. I want to let the person on the other end of the line know where they are."

Potty Talk: Secrets We Share In The Loo [The Body Odd on MSNBC]

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A Man's Perspective:

Ladies, I don't think you have any idea how bad it can really be.

Have you ever seen a trough? For some reason, any bathroom that features a trough always seems to instigate toilet conversation. And the trough provides absolutely NO privacy whatsoever. You are merely inches away from another urinating human.

I literally could NOT count the number of times I've been minding my own business (pun intended) and had some drunk moron come sidling up to me and ask me something along the lines of:

"How 'bout them Vikes?"

Or even worse, some guys like to continue a previous conversation- with a completely new participant who didn't hear ANY of the prior exchanges.

No. I don't know who Wendy is, and, NO, I don't care how great her boobs look tonight.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some shakin' to do...