The Bad Girls Are Unsurprisingly Bad Roommates

If you've been watching The Bad Girls Club, or following our coverage of it, then you know about Tanisha and the "Hyena Sisters," the nickname the other girls in the house gave the two minions who laugh at everything Tanisha says. Over the weeks, we've learned to really hate that little clique in the house, because they just seem so mean for no apparent reason other than boredom and ignorance. And there seems to be no reasoning with them, because they only talk louder and start screaming "Pop off!" So on last night's episode, it was really gratifying to watch the house outcasts, Jennavecia, Darlen, and Cordelia, go through the house and defile the mean girls' food (not to mention make the kitchen dirtier by pissing in the sink, wiping their asses with utensils and their vaginas with the kitchen sponge). Enjoy the clip!


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