The Bad Girls Are Just Mean Girls

Is it even necessary to point out that the residents of The Bad Girls Club house are monumentally fucked up in the head? On last night's episode, Lyric, the aptly-named aspiring rapper, fessed up to the fact that her first father abandoned her, and her stepfather raped her, leaving her unable or unwilling to trust anyone. Then, when she went to her recording studio, the other girls mocked her efforts and talent (uh, she's totally talented — she rhymed "retarded" with "farted"!) And who the hell does Neveen think she is? She repeatedly calls the other girls ugly, and she always goes for the low blows. Why, why, why is it that some girls always resort to calling each other "slut" and "whore" for no reason while fighting? No guy would ever call another man a "pimp" or a "player" as an insult during a verbal disagreement.

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It is hard to tell where the deliberate drama-inducing, entertaining-television minded, trying to get all the fame I can so I can sell trucker hats with my name on them reality star begins and ends with these girls.

Make sense of what I just wrote at your own risk - my brain is garbled today.