The Bachelor Bullies Are Dropping Like Flies

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Matt James’s season of The Bachelor trucks along, and yet, it somehow still feels like week three. The drama of the show doesn’t involve James at all—in-housing fighting among contestants has driven the season, and on Monday night’s episode, there were finally some repercussions.


First, the cocktail party. James addressed the bullying right away, explicitly repeating the language Katie Thurston used the night before to address the conflict. Instead of enjoying one-on-one time with James, the girls used the evening as an opportunity to call out Victoria Larson (scourge since day one) and Anna Redman (the tormentor behind the “Brittany Galvin is an escort” rumor), and so, he finally decided to send both ladies home, to which I say: good. This shit is exhausting!

But what’s a season of The Bachelor without a villain? After a group date on a farm, James pulled MJ Synder aside and says a woman approached him and labeled her “an antagonist,” and he needed answers. (Viewers have only seen her refer to the original contestants as “Varsity” to the new women’s “JV,” which pales in comparison to the damage done by Larson and Redman. But what are the producers going to do, not exploit a potential disaster?) Galvin interrupted the conversation and Synder went to the rest of the girls asking for an explanation. Jessica Cruz admitted to mentioning MJ’s unfriendly language in conversation with James, which led to a confrontation—Cruz was mad Synder didn’t admit to being “an antagonist” in the house; Synder was mad Cruz complained to James about her behind her back. Both were wrong, but I’m tired, and neither of them are going to win, so let’s just rip the bandaid off, alright?

The show ended with a tease for yet another cocktail party confrontation—James asked Cruz and Snyder to show up early to work through a few things, which never works. They started bickering before The Bachelor even shows up, and... end scene.

Well, not completely, because apparently Heather “never been kissed” Martin from Colton Underwood’s season is joining the group for some reason.

So what’s in store for next week? “We’re past the half way point,” Chris Harrison assured viewers at one point on Monday night, which seems impossible—does James even like any of these women? Not love, just like? During a one-on-one with Rachel Kirkconnell, he said he was “falling in love” with her, but it looked a lot like play-acting. Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if both Cruz and Snyder get the boot, as removing both parties has become a new Bachelor tradition. Godspeed, y’all.

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BusPass the remix

Oh my gosh, seeing Anna get sent away was so fulfilling 🤗 She was a snake. Victoria is a piece of shit but I can’t figure out if it’s entirely purposeful (kinda like Spencer & Heidi from The Hills) or if she is really, TRULY lacking all self-awareness. And honestly, I do feel like MJ has shown her ass more than just referring to the women as “varsity” or “JV.” She’s had multiple moments (for me) in which she participated or egged on the nastiness, and I do hope to see her comeuppance next week.

As someone who has never watched another season (I've only seen a handful of episodes here and there), is the vibe usually so toxic between the women? I know it's normal to get a little catty occasionally, especially if you're all living together, but the environment between these contestants feels HORRIBLE.