It's safe to say that, by this point, everyone knows everything they need to know about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's new movie, Baby Mama. But did you know that it opened last night at the Tribeca Film Festival? And that, in addition to Fey (left) and Poehler, SNL peeps Rachel Dratch, Molly Shannon and Lorne Michaels were also there? Don't care? How about these names: Faye Dunaway, Sigourney Weaver, Padma Lakshmi, Kristen Bell and Fred Durst? Yup, all those folks and more in the full Good, Bad and Ugly of the Baby Mama premiere, after the jump.

The Good:

Christine Lahti looks classy in her red shift, albeit somewhat stiff.

Danica Patrick's dress is exactly what "flirty and feminine" should be.


Faye Dunaway is still rocking her Bonnie and Clyde look. But whatever: It works for her.

Fred Durst's ladyfriend has a pretty dress.


Is it weird that I would like Holland Taylor's dress? It's so old-school cool.

I'll take Maggie Grace's Audrey Hepburn-esque dress too, thanks.


What a relief to see a starlet not in a boob-flaunting dress. Thanks, Kristen Bell.

Please God let these be Lorne Michaels' daughters.


Molly Shannon's mod-styled dress and cutie-pie husband are both winners in my book.

Rachel Dratch once helped me hide when the Arctic Monkeys' publicist attempted to throw me out of a Saturday Night Live after-party. Her sweet dress is clearly a representation of her sweet-as-can-be disposition.


Tina Fey is like an old-fashioned glamor girl in this dress. (So why can't she seem to relax and enjoy it?)

The Bad:


Honestly, Amy Poehler's dress could be indeed hiding a bump.

Annabella Sciorra is bordering on caricature in the vampy dress and tousled bedroom waves.


Though I love Padma, I do not approve of her styled-by-Lauren-Conrad-esque look.


Sigourney Weaver: The elementary school art teacher you never knew you had.

The Ugly:

Dear Alice Kremelberg: Your moccasin booties sure do look comfy. But why are you wearing them outside of your house?


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