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The Baby Borrowers: Teen Bathes, Then Bonds With Senior Citizen

Last night, on the season finale of The Baby Borrowers, the teens were given their final assignment: Caring for the elderly. Morgan — the SoCal chick who took on the role of being a single mother after she and her boyfriend broke up and he left the show — really bonded with "her" senior citizen, both emotionally and physically. (She also had to bathe her, and she was a really good sport about it.) Later, the thrice-married woman talked about love and marriage with Morgan, explaining to her that life is better when lived as a single. Then Morgan asked her why her generation doesn't file their nails into a square shape. Seriously. Clip above.


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@DramaClub: @Artemisia999: Whenever I get a manicure, the person always whips out the file, makes a filing motion and says "Square?" to which I respond "Oval please." They are almost always a little taken aback. I just LIKE oval nails. I remember reading a friend's Seventeen as a little girl— an article about what the shape of your nails say about you. Oval was "You're a bit of a princess and not afraid to show it!" Ummm... no. But thank you for that thrilling insight, Seventeen.