The Awesome Woman Paid to Lure You into Equinox Gyms Doesn't Even Work Out

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Today's New York Times has a profile of Bianca Kosoy, the executive creative director at Equinox. Now, the gym has had some criticism for its ads (shot by Terry Richardson, of course), but you can't help reading abut Kosoy and coming to the conclusion that this woman is, in a word, awesome. (Just look at her here, here and here.) Some notable moments from the piece:

"My best friend is Johnnie Walker"

"I never work out," Ms. Kosoy said. "I think fitness is a fraud. That's why I try to make it look like fashion."

"I'm an only child… My parents call me the Great White Tattooed Lesbian Hope."

The whole thing is worth your while, but the best part is the end:

Shopping complete, Ms. Kosoy headed inside where the hostess, a good-looking woman with a headset, greeted her by name and showed her to her usual table, a prime booth under the skylight. On the way there, a young woman with blond highlights, vertiginous peek-a-boo heels, shimmering wrap shirt and revealing décolletage brushed by. Ms. Kosoy tracked her with wolfish eyes.

She reflexively murmured "Yummm," before adding, "I'm a pig." Then she sat down and ordered a Johnnie Walker on the rocks.



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Meh, to be honest she sounds like a female version of exactly the sort of douchebag I'd expect was responsible for the kind of advertising Equinox does. I mean, I'm glad tattooed lesbians have more of an opportunity to do the same douchework as men, but that's about it. And no, lady, fitness is not "fraud"; your stupid pornified Terry Richardson status symbol brand must be what you're thinking of.