The ACLU is arguing that foot-tapping is protected speech, rendering the public bathroom probe that outed faggot Senator Larry Craig unconstitutional, which seems about fair. But here's a more difficult question: if you decide to expose yourself in public bathroom to a woman who turns out to be a blow-up doll, is that protected speech? Because I would rather the answer to that be "yes" so we can drop the admittedly hilarious "indecent exposure" charges against Craig McCullough, 47 and start encouraging prosecutors to remind people that rape is actually also still illegal. Although, that would rob me of this opportunity to tell you about how this guy was arrested three years ago for burglarizing a Just For Me bridal boutique and they arrested him in an alley and I think you can figure out what he was wearing. [CBS News]


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so did the inflatable doll register alarm or surprise? Did she press charges? And let's just refer to the Senator as "douchnozzle," shall we?