In the words of Morrissey, "It's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate/It takes strength to be gentle and kind." There is no glory in mocking former child stars, Golden Girls and members of Celebrity Fit Club - all of whom assembled last night at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica for the 6th Annual TVLand Awards. But, let's face it, half the images from the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Gala were subject to international embargo. And the Carnival For Heroes just wasn't cutting it. So flip on the AC, kids: looks like we're goin' to hell. (After the jump, of course.)

The Good:

Doesn't Roseanne look nice? I love the gray hair. (We'll let the gloves go.)

Ed "Lou Grant" Asner is a class act.


Sara Gilbert looks Darlene Connor-rad.

So what if I am on the Roseanne payroll? Sarah Chalke looks good.


Is it just me, or does Rainn Wilson consistently bring it to the red carpet? And go to a lot of these TV awards shows?

Nessa wasn't Miss America for nothing. Those dames know how to work the eveningwear.


The Bad:

I'll say this for (sorta-actress) Kat Kramer: she waited until after Memorial Day.


Model Kim Alexis's gown is a very pretty color. (I'm sorry! I can't help it! Also, you never become a 'former model', right? It's like being President - a life title.)


Personally, I might have sized up. But it's certainly model Beverly Johnson's prerogative to disagree.

More than anything, I'm just confused as to why actress Joanna Cassidy is wearing this suit on the red carpet.


I know the dress codes are fluid at these events (see above), but I must say, Ron "Horshack" Palilli's get-up is more appropriate to a smart-ass teenage boy.

The Ugly:


Jodie Sweetin. Oh, Jodie Sweetin. I can't even summon a "How rude!" through my tears.

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