The 5 Most Famous One-Ball Wonders

It has long been the stuff of urban legends and dirty limericks that Adolf Hitler had one testicle. Well now there is concrete proof that the famous fascist lost a ball during the WWI Battle of the Somme in 1916, as the medic who saved Hitler's life during that siege confirmed it. According to the Telegraph, "The disclosure is made in a document noting a conversation in the 1960s between German war doctor Johan Jambor and his priest, Franciszek Pawlar." Poor Johan had terrible guilt over the fact that he saved the life — and ball — of such an evil man. But having one ball is not like having one evil Cyclops eye; in fact, there are many benevolent celebrities who are also "monorchic," as the uni-testicled are called in medical parlance. After the jump, four other famous folks who were missing something down below.

Tupac: The rumor is that the ill-fated rapper lost one of his dudes during a 1994 shooting when he took two bullets to the groin. After that, he was called "One-Pac" by many giggly fans, and even with only one ball, Madonna still wanted to have his baby.


Lance Armstrong: In the words of The Cancer Blog, "Now it's having only one testicle that separates the winners from the losers." Lance Armstrong's unparalleled athletic prowess (not to mention his way with certain blonde celebrities) shows that monorchic men can be champions.


Tom Green: Like Lance Armstrong, Tom Green survived about of testicular cancer. And also like Armstrong, Tom Green was not afraid to be servicey about it. After his diagnosis in 2000, Green hosted an MTV show called The Tom Green Cancer Special, in which "a camera crew followed Green into the operating room in March and looked on as surgeons cut into Green's insides, removed a testicle and some lymph nodes, and put his intestines on the table during surgery." How…graphic of him!


Arnold Schwarzenegger: The California Gov allegedly only has one berry next to his twig, according to the internet. Is the alleged missing testicle from his alleged steroid use during Ahnold's body building days? Maybe one day Maria Shriver will tell us the true testicle story on Oprah.
Nazi Leader Hitler Really Did Have Only One Ball [Telegraph]

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