The 16 American Cities Where Women Make More Money Than Men

Who needs President Obama’s Equal Pay push when you can just move to the 16 American cities where women make more money than men? Don’t block your blessings, am I right?


According to the U.S. Census, via the Daily Mail, there are only 16 cities in all of the United States where the ladies are garnering higher incomes than men and you can probably buy a reasonably priced home in some of them too. In first place, women in Jacksonville, North Carolina make 127.12 percent of what men make on average. There are also six California cities listed including Indio, home of Coachella which means you wouldn't even have to travel to see whatever hologram dead musician they dig up for 2015 — score! — and Vallejo, the birth place of "fo' shizzle." You're welcome.


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