Nicki Minaj teased the release of her new single, "Anaconda," by dropping the single's artwork on Instagram. As you can see, she opted for a, let's say, brave, look.

For the last few months, Nicki's been rocking a more toned-down, natural look compared to her pink wig days. This artworks manages to both embrace that softer look and completely laugh in the face of subtlety.

As Erin pointed out, it kind of looks like a reverse version of fellow female MC, Lil Kim's famous pose.


I am very much here for this new era of Nicki Minaj—the sleek haired, focused, I'm just going to completely out-rap everyone in the game, Nicki. And if this is what she's serving us for the single, lord knows what she's going to do to us when the full album drops.

Image via Instagram