Ryan Gosling Smirks as Martial Arts Instructors Show Him Some Moves

This is a behind-the-scenes clip from the set of Only God Forgives of director violence-obsessed Nicolas Winding Refn explaining to a bemused Ryan Gosling how violence is like sex because "it's all about the build up." The moment Refn says this, Gosling looks directly at the camera and smirks, almost as if to say, "Hey girl, this is silly, isn't it? Let's watch Singin' in the Rain and eat Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie together as we admire Gene Kelly's ability to dance away a horrible flu."

I don't know if Only God Forgives will be any good, but it seems pretty clear that Ryan Gosling enjoyed standing around while earnest martial arts instructors showed him the proper technique for hitting someone in the face.

via World of Wonder

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That's it,I'm absolutely certain now: Ryan Gosling is the sexiest man on earth. Nothing anyone says can convince me otherwise.